My vote – after copious trial and error – goes with Tisserand’s mild lavender soap bars. It is a good middle ground between the bog standard supermarket brands and the ridiculously expensive varieties. Apart from smelling lovely and being genuinely gentle and non-drying, these soaps are pleasant to use and have a good price point. Finally, Tisserand don’t use any artificial perfumes (which I hate) or SLS in their products, which is positive. I order mine on subscribe and save from Amazon.


2 responses to “Soap”

  1. I like Tisserand though I find the shampoo leaves my scalp itchy – can I use the soap on my face DS?

    1. Hi Bean, thanks for your comment. I wouldn’t really use soap on my face unless I’d run out of my cleanser – I’ll be doing a piece on cleansers soon.

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