Bubbles: Our Charity Partners

Asha Projects, UK Asha is a South Asian organization that works to end violence against women and girls. If you are experiencing violence – or know a woman who is – please contact them for confidential advice and information. They offer secure temporary accommodation. http://www.ashaprojects.org.uk

Awaaz, USA Formed in 2011 and based in San Antonio, Texas, Awaaz (meaning “voice” in Hindi and Urdu), is a non-profit organization that advocates peace, promotes healthy relationships and assists families to break the cycle of violence. Awaaz focuses its efforts on supplementing and complementing existing services and acting as a bridge between these services and the people who may need them. http://www.awaazsa.org

My Choices, India My Choices is an organisation based in India, that has been created to give women Choices: To allow women to live a life free from abuse. At My Choices our mission is to stop domestic violence by training and employing local women (PeaceMakers) who work within their community to create meaningful change in victims’ lives. We believe that domestic violence can be stopped by healing and reconciling families in a peaceful manner and will resort to further action only when such an option is no longer available. http://www.mychoices.asia

The Domestic Harmony Foundation, USA The Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF) is a community-based, non-profit organization created in response to the social, emotional, and psychological needs of a growing South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim community in Long Island. Although DHF works mainly with Muslim women who are victims of domestic violence, these services are available to individuals irrespective of creed, culture, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. http://www.dhfny.org

Mai Family Services, USA Mai Family Services was established in 1986 to provide assistance to Asian Indian families and individuals in need. Since it was formed, Mai Family Services has expanded to offer services to all South Asians in Michigan. http://www.maifs.org


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