Here’s our trailer for our a 25 minute documentary about David Hawkins, the youngest of 21 US PoWs who chose to live in China at the end of the Korean War. The film looks at David’s life up until the war and at his decisions to stay in China and eventually to return to the United States in 1957.

The film has been shortlisted for Best Research Film of the Year by the AHRC’s Research in Film Awards 2017. It was commissioned by historian and psychoanalyst Daniel Pick, as part of his Hidden Persuaders project about models of the mind during the Cold War.

My fictional short, Bubbles, starring Shabana Azmi was completed in 2015. It is about the impact of domestic violence on a small girl, and played at festivals including the Short Film Corner of the 68th Cannes Film Festival; London Short Film Festival; Tongues on Fire, The London South Asian Film Festival; The New York Indian Film Festival and the Washington DC South Asian Film Festival.

Select Filmography:

David Hawkins, A Battle of the Mind (2017) – Short Film – Writer / Director

Alex (2016) – Short Animation for the Maudsley and KCL Eating Disorders Team – Writer

Bubbles (Working Title Outside), Short Film (2015) – Writer / Director / Co-Producer

We’re So Light, Music Video (2011) – Camera / Director / Editor

The Shadow of Paradise (2010) – Additional Camera / Translator

Tribes Music Video (2010) – Director / Editor

Bang Bang Cherry Music Video (2010) – Director / Editor

My Father’s Son (2008) – Writer / Director / Producer (Milos Forman Award, Columbia University)

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