Bubbles, A Synopsis



Bubbles is a tense and atmospheric short film about a little girl who witnesses an act of horrible violence at home, and how it drives her to despair and obsession.


Living in London with her South Asian grandparents, Bubbles sits watching Hindi film songs on the TV. Around her, the family is stifled by an atmosphere of thinly veiled violence – a shouting grandfather; a grandmother (Nani, played by Shabana Azmi) obsessively chopping betel nut; an uncle washing obsessively. Uncle (Christopher Simpson) and grandfather (Bhasker Patel) are at each other’s throats. And in spite of Nani’s attempts to protect Bubbles, when this violence is unleashed, the child sees too much and her world changes forever.


Outside …. OR Bubbles

After an invigorating Kickstarter Campaign – which amazed me for the generosity and groundswell of support we garnered – we completed the shoot of my latest short film Outside (now called BUBBLES) last month. I am currently working with Editor Yann Heckmann to cut the film and am really excited about getting it out into the world as soon as possible. Here’s a still from the shoot. The movie is about a little girl (played by newcomer Yasmeen Siddiqui) witnessing a horrible act of domestic violence.

Shabana Azmi on the set of Outside  (Photo Courtesy of Sahil Lodha)
Shabana Azmi on the set of Outside (Photo Courtesy of Sahil Lodha)