Wedding Dress

I had my wedding dress made by Elise Rodolphe on Boulevard Raspail in Paris. Her shop is called Au Fil D’Elise. Elise is lovely, as is her dressmaker Ander. Before starting her couture line, Elise collected and sold vintage clothes and fabrics, so there’s a real sense of history about her designs.

My dress was made to measure; I had three or four fittings, and Elise still has my toile should I want to have a replica made in the future (provided I defy the way of all flesh…). The dress itself is made of red Calais Lace with a red silk lining. (A picture of the dress itself will follow soon…)

Even if I include the three trips to Paris, the whole enterprise was excellent value compared to anything I could have found off the peg or had made with equal skill in London. Definitely a worthwhile adventure!

Elise has a range of dresses in her collection. All of them are very elegant and classic.


Thanks Mariam for the picture!