Stuff & Nonsense

  • We don’t ask to be born, but some of us get used to the perks. The rest of us struggle.
  • At the core of sociability is a vasty silence, a deafening hollow, implacable loss.
  • Some weave a tapestry of consolation. Others construct a bubble of denial in which they bounce, until it – and their hearts – break.
  • Food gives life purpose. It furnishes our hearts, minds and families with consolation: psychic glue.
  • Art ought to be about looking at life and death more closely, but is an alibi for ignoring them.
  • People talk about genre. What they mean is that they’ve lost touch with reality and run out of ideas.
  • Truths are what we look for every day.
  • Love is what defines the distance between people. To love is to be a satellite in orbit.
  • School teaches you to follow instructions. Education is about working around them.

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